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Sanqiang cutter bits in the fight against, wear resistance

is the domestic, imports of similar products 1.3-2.1 times

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U92 cutter bits-shandong sanqiang machinery

U92 cutter bits-shandong sanqiang machinery

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U92 cutter bits-shandong sanqiang machinery

        Name: shearer pick
        Model: knife type, pick-type
        use:Supporting the use of coal mining machine for coal mining.
        Features:The use of advanced technology, high-quality steel and alloy cutter head, with high toughness and high wear resistance, high production efficiency and low cost.
        In early 2009, with the 31 heavy equipment jointly developed a high-strength wear-resistant pick, with Sandvik, Kennan Matt high-wear-resistant than the right-bit, the wear resistance and impact resistance to Sandvik , Kenan Matt cut 1.3-1.6 times the tooth. January 2012, Sany Heavy Group, the whole rock picks all three strong products.
        Picker, also known as coal picks, is the consumable parts of shearer and excavator. Through long-term analysis of coal picks, from the selection of coal picking material to the arrangement of coal picks, Tooth structure of the improvement of several aspects of the reliability of the performance of coal cutting teeth for an effective analysis.
        Chopper consumption, reduce the cost of tons of coal for the majority of customers with a convenient. Get the majority of customer recognition.
        My company's production support custom processing, support sample processing, to map processing. I produced the pick is a mature product. Welcome customers to buy!




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